NorCal Premier Soccer is excited to be using TopYa!, a video-based mobile app that motivates and inspires creativity and skill development for players of all ages! With TopYa! players can:

Improve their skills using Skills Academy

Invent their own skills and challenge other players with Freestyle Challenges

Share videos with their Fans

Compete on the Leaderboard

Vote on trending videos


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TopYa! for Coaches

TopYa! helps coaches inspire their players to work on skills at home. With the Skills Academy, coaches can upload their own custom content or recommended content directly to their teams! Plus, My Teams makes it easy to see all of your team's activity and participation on the app for the week, month, or all-time. You can filter down to a specific team, or even an individual player. Your Coach Activity Feed give you a real-time stream of your player's efforts at home, during the season and even during the off-seasons! It's easy and FREE to get started today!