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TopYa! for Your Enterprise

Large companies, non-profit orgaizations and associations use the TopYa! platform to extend their own brand with TopYa! products tailored to their initiatives. The objectives we most commonly see our enterprise customers leveraging the TopYa! platform for include...
Develop deep, meaningful relationships with their members and reach new audiences
Teach skills related to their expertise using the TopYa! patented micro challenge methodology
Generate a continuous feed of user generated videos from their members to their website and social media assets
Create buzz using the TopYa! highly engaging contests
Raise funds with the most captivating fundraising approach ever developed
Open new sports and other vertical markets through your organization’s extensive distribution network
Deliver new ways to generate sponsorship monies
Watch these videos to learn more about the products that would most benefit your organization’s initiatives and goals:

TopYa! Fundraising

The most extraordinary way to raise money for your organization. Your learners (players or students) work on their skills using TopYa! and everything else takes care of itself.

1. Much easier to run than other fundraisers!
2. You raise more money!
3. Your greater community will be enthralled!
4. Participants learn skills in the process!

TopYa! Contests

Skill contests without the fundraising component are another great way to keep your members and their families excited about your organization while inspiring skill development year-around.

TopYa! Skill Development

The most effective way to learn. Includes everything to help your players or students reach their goals and help your coaches or instructors guide the process.

TopYa! APIs

TopYa!’s robust APIs also provide the opportunity to extend these products to integrate with your own solutions.

Enterprise Customer Case Studies

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