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An Interactive Digital Platform TopYa! India launches Bharat Yoga

In recent decades, we have witnessed amazing changes in our life styles thanks to breath taking strides in Science & Technology. New technologies have brought great benefits to the world. But they have also introduced some undesirable side effects in our life styles. Hooked on to video games and enticing engagements on the internet, children are increasingly becoming couch potatoes thereby affecting their health and also academic performance.

Even adults are getting addicted to a bewildering variety of Apps and engagements on Whatsapp, Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, etc., Avoidable addiction to technology, sedentary lifestyles and high levels of self-imposed stress have all combined to bring life style diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks to Indians as early as thirties.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), of the six million deaths in 2016 in India due to unnatural causes, nearly 4 million succumbed to life style diseases like heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

Talent Optimization Platform for Youth & Adults (TopYa!) LLC, a US Company in Denver undertook scientific research with help of US Universities and developed fun games and skill challenges to cajole children and adults alike using an App in the same Phone which made them hitherto inactive to become physically active and adopt healthier lifestyles.

These skill challenges have been found attractive and engaging by children and grownups alike. The Government of United Kingdom roped in TopYa! to induce higher physical activities among British School children. UK’s Youth Sports Trust recently honored TopYa! with ‘The Most Innovative Partner 2017’ award.

A year ago, TopYa! India Pvt Ltd (TIPL), Indian subsidiary of TopYa!, scientifically developed its own skill challenges for Schools, Business Corporations and professional Sports Clubs in India. The prime objective is to encourage healthier and happier lifestyle.

The Mission Eleven Million Program (MXIM), launched by Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs and All India Football Federation to sensitize eleven million children in 15,000 schools all over India to engage in football in the run up to Under 17 FIFA World Cup Football in October 2017 in India, is powered by TopYa!.

A new vertical developed by TopYa! India is Yoga for Health & Physical Fitness for stressed employees and their families specifically developed for working age people. On Saturday October 08, 2017 Bharat Yog & TopYa! India are jointly launching this innovative Yoga teaching programme on TopYa! interactive Platform with provisions for a virtual coach to rate, review and assess the performance of the program beneficiary.

A serious problem India needs to address today is unemployment. IT companies in India are struggling to retain existing jobs and create new ones. TopYa! has reached 153 countries and we expect an exponential growth in demand for virtual coaches for the various verticals on its platform. India is well placed to provide these hundreds of thousands of virtual coaches for TopYa! in the months and years to come.