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TalentKode, creator of the TopYa! Sports App, Acquire iSoccer

First COPPA-compliant kids’ sports app joins forces with leading soccer app

iSoccer and TopYa! creator TalentKode, are thrilled to announce that iSoccer is now part of the TalentKode family. Although iSoccer will remain a standalone app for the foreseeable future, TopYa! will integrate iSoccer training content and data to expand its reach and develop more young athletes.

“TopYa! has developed an incredibly powerful platform. By working together, we are going to innovate faster and motivate even more players to train at home,” says iSoccer founder, Scott Leber. “It is such an exciting time in our industry as we continue to see the convergence of youth player development and technology. By working as one, we are going to take player development further, faster.”

TopYa! is the first ever COPPA-compliant, mobile-based video challenge sports platform. Already, the app has inspired thousands of kids of all athletic levels and abilities to get active. Using skill and creativity, players have logged over 100,000 extra hours of time on practice beyond what they’ve done in the gym or at practice.

iSoccer, which has motivated over 1 million youth soccer players in the United States, has a strong history of providing quality training content to coaches and players. A pioneer in digital, gamified training and the leader of the National Standards Project, the company has half a decade of rich experience reaching and training young soccer players.

Together, the two innovative companies will continue to reach players around the world, combining youth development and technology to inspire and engage athletes to spend more time being active and playing sports.

“We are thrilled to bring Scott and iSoccer into the TalentKode family. iSoccer’s strong history and Scott’s experience will help us accelerate the technology we use to develop youth players, and help us reach even more kids around the world,” says TalentKode co-founder Jason Keller.

iSoccer Classics are now available on TopYa! For more information, or to download the app, visit or search for TopYa! in the App Store or Google Play.