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TalentKode co-sponsors safe inner-city activity spaces

Kids activity app developers co-create futsal fields in Milwaukee

DENVER,CO TalentKode and the Wisconsin Sports Group have teamed up to turn an underutilized inner city tennis court into a space where kids can get active.

TalentKode creates TopYa! fitness and activity apps for kids, including TopYa! Soccer, its flagship product. Bringing back the sandlot driven activity climate of yesterday, all TopYa! apps encourage young people of any age and level of physical activity to get active using the very technology that typically competes for their time and level of physical fitness.

In partnership with the Wisconsin Sports Group, TalentKode sponsored the creation of Lincoln Park Futsal Stadium for kids to get out and play. The old tennis court is now a safe space and activity haven dedicated completely to getting kids active.

"Our aim of getting kids active only works if kids have a safe space to go and play," said co-founder and managing partner Jason Keller. "This stadium is a great place to do that, even though we see lots of kids using the app at home, in the driveway, in the basement or wherever they can."

All TopYa! apps work similarly, serving up a mix of instructional skills videos and offering users the opportunity to create and upload freestyle challenges that other users can try to beat. The educational/creative mix has been well received, with over 250,000 users signing up in the past year.

Wisconsin Sports Group president Keith Tozer said of the partnership, “We all are very appreciative to TalentKode president Jason Keller and their entire staff for their commitment and support of our Futsal initiative here in Milwaukee and for future programs throughout the state of Wisconsin.”

TalentKode has plans to expand globally, with offices in Denver, London and Delhi.

To celebrate the opening of Lincoln Park Futsal Stadium- Powered by TopYa!, there will be various futsal challenges live on TopYa! Soccer. To learn more about the challenges, click here.

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