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TalentKode Launches TopYa! Soccer to Asia-Pacific

Mobile app connects kids, coaches and parents to help kids get active and educated on soccer skills

DENVER, COLORADO, USA TalentKode has released its flagship mobile app, TopYa! Soccer (football), to India to help foster an emerging sports culture among kids, parents, schools and coaches. TalentKode’s move into India is the first step in its larger Asia-Pacific, multi-sport strategy that will include Cricket, Martial Arts, Physical Training and other sports in addition to soccer.

“We’re excited about the possibilities in the region. We’ve helped so many kids get active with our US and UK partnerships, releasing to Asia-Pacific is a natural extension of what we’re doing,” said Jason Keller, Managing Partner and co-founder of TalentKode.

“With 60% of the world’s population and one of the highest ratios of people under 25, the Asia-Pacific region represents the natural expansion of our mission. Young athletes, coaches and parents lack a sports-focused technology platform that brings them together to make learning interactive, challenging and fun with equal and fair access to knowledge for all,” said Aamir Mumtaz, President of TopYa! AsPac, LLC, a subsidiary of TalentKode focusing on bringing TopYa! to the Indian sub-continent.

The video-based interactive app inspires millions of kids of all athletic abilities to get active and enhance their talent. Using skill and creativity, players have logged hundreds of thousands of extra hours of time on practice beyond what they’ve done in gym or during sports practice.

“When we saw the TopYa! Platform, we immediately recognized the potential for the Asia-Pacific region. The adoption of the platform by clubs and players along with its unique capabilities and depth of soccer content make it a good fit for our mission of education, fuller development of youth and getting kids to experience the intellectual, social and physical benefits of sports,” said Mumtaz.

Apart from Soccer, TalentKode also provides TopYa! Martial Arts and TopYa! Physical Education. The company has a pipeline of additional youth sports in the works, including Cricket, Golf, Volleyball and Lacrosse. The Cricket-specific app is targeted for release to India in mid-2016.

About TopYa! Soccer

TopYa! Soccer is the first ever COPPA-compliant, mobile, video-based challenge sports platform for young people. It inspires young players to improve their soccer skills by completing skill levels in the app. Players can upload videos of themselves practicing certain soccer skills and receive critique from online coaches. The app also has a video challenge feature where players challenge one another on skills of their own creation. The interactive, user-generated format engages players of all ages, and gives them a reason to improve their soccer skills and determination to play. There are also features for coaches to engage and communicate with their teams in development.

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