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Inspiring the Joy of Accomplishment

TopYa!s core purpose and mission is to inspire the joy of accomplishment. TopYa! was created on the premise that almost everyone receives joy when they learn and accomplish something whether that be in sport, school, work or a personal passion. Those moments of joy make our efforts worthwhile and move us forward. We are dedicated to providing innovative ways to facilitate new levels of accomplishment and delight in the joy that comes with it.
In fact, we have oodles of videos being loaded through our apps that consistently reinforce our purpose. The joy may be seen through a smile, a fist pump or any number of other ways people enjoy that feeling that goes along with trying something and doing it.

Learning by Doing

TopYa! pursues this mission through its patented, unparalleled learning platform utilizing video-based micro challenges in a gamified app environment to drive participation and skill development. TopYa! embodies the saying by ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius...

I hear and I forget.

I see and I remember.

I do and I understand.

TopYa! embodies this time-tested premise in its platform through what we call Generation V -- viewing videos, venturing out and participating in videos, receiving feedback from a virtual coach, and sharing accomplishments virally. Actually it isnt really a generation at all, it is a new and most effective way of learning that keeps up with the ever accelerating pace of change, one minute at a time.

Challenges Come in All Shapes and Sizes

The video challenges may be formal curriculum designed by a sports club, school or expert, be assignments posted by a coach or instructor to a team or class, an appealing call to action by a professional athlete or celebrity, or what we call a Head-to-Head challenge posted directly by a player or student for head-to-head competition.

The video challenges may be designed to take weeks or more of a progressive practice before they can be attempted or may be designed to be achievable the first time around in order to pull the learner into active engagement.

The program and associated challenges may be for the purposes of helping the youth activity crisis, to get students more actively involved in their own education, to complement a competitive athletic player development program, or to inspire excitement and participation around a contest or fundraise.

Every Video is Reviewed by a Virtual Coach

Yes, you read correctly. Unlike almost every other platform in use today, there is always a human element involved with a video flowing through the TopYa! platform. We do this for 3 super important reasons:
Learning requires feedback. While some feedback can be machine-learned, much of it cannot. Some skills require coaches with the right level of expertise to provide meaningful evaluation.
A safe environment cannot be fully automated. With so many of our users being children or teenagers, we do everything we can to ensure inappropriate videos do not slip through.
Categorizations of challenges takes knowledge. Challenges must be assigned the right skill type categories, level of difficulty, and gamified point levels so that they can be discovered by the right people at the right time and to make the "game" most engaging.
TopYa! is a for-profit company so part of our secret sauce is doing all this very efficiently while always striving to create the best and most meaningful experience for our users.

COPPA/GDPR Compliant

TopYa! hereby certifies that its practices surrounding collection, use, maintenance and disclosure of personal information from children under the age of 13 are generally and materially compliant with principles and requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). TopYa! continues to implement new privacy policies, parental controls, parental verification and other safeguards to maintain and improve compliance with COPPA.

TopYa! has completed both the GDPR Data Controller and Data Processor audits, receiving a Green rating for each. TopYa!’s Privacy Policy complies with the standards of GDPR. TopYa! has also received certification with the Privacy Shield Framework overseen by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA).

TopYa! Studios

We have our own team called TopYa! Studios if you require expert professional assistance to create or edit videos or to help guide what makes good, actionable and measurable challenges that accomplish your objectives.

Our Offices

TopYa! has offices in Denver, Colorado; Baltimore, Maryland; London, England; and New Delhi, India.


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